IMC Machinery For Foam

74″ High Speed Coreless Foam Roll  Rewind With Programmable Compression

  • Foam Carpet Underlayment Laminating System.
  • Operates inline from a peeling operation and includes: driven straight conveyors, turning conveyors, guiding conveyors, electrically  heated laminator to 500 F deg with programmable servo driven gap control , 2 scrim and 2 poly unwinds, corona treater,  programmable cut-to-length  rotary shear, edge trim, structural steel mezzanine  and automated coreless tightwinder with exit conveyor and optional overwrapper.

Hospital Pad Compressor / Overwrapper

Foam Roll Overwrapper

2 Meter Wide X 1.5 Meter OD Polyurethane Unwind / Slitter & Rewind

  • Unwind has shaftless chucking
  • Pneumatic actuated elevator for surface pressure control
  • Driven spreader roll to maintain slit separation
  • Designed for deodorizer oven line

74″ Wide Slitter With Simplex Rewind

  • Compresses without stretching