Non Wovens

Non Wovens

IMC Machinery For Nonwovens

Adjustable gap laminator for up to 6 layers of melt blown nonwoven for filtation material. The (6) station unwind accommodates 650mm x 600mm rolls.

1600mm wide simplex slitter with Pope-type minimum gap surface assist center rewind and auto cut & transfer for light gauge nonwoven materials. Unit features shaft/core magazine and auto cut & transfer for continuous operation to 500FPM rewinding to 2.5 meters (100″) diameter.

Nonwoven combining system with (6) pancake unwinds ultra-sonic welding unit and Single Position Computerized Smartwinder-XL™

Single Position Offline Computerized Smartwinder-XL™ module for nonwoven personal care product.

An advanced converting system for slitting and traverse winding tension sensitive nonwoven materials, accommodates 48″OD spools at speeds to 1500 FPM

Slitting & Computerized Smartwinder Winding Systems for spooling exceptionally long lengths of nonwoven. The spooling system features, separate dual unwind, interchangeable slitter and computerized Smartwinder modules.

62″ wide slitter for nonwoven material with duplex center/center surface minimum /gap rewinding capability for tension sensitive applications.

36″ wide hot melt coater/laminator for nonwoven diaper material

Nonwoven pouch making machine for continuous operation, 6 lanes at a time

Absorbent nonwoven meat pad hot melt coater/laminator

Narrow Width Hot Melt Coater/Laminator with slot die and spray applicator