PSA & Labels

PSA & Labels

PSA & Labels

IMC Machinery For PSA & Labels

 12″ Wide Slitting & 6 Position Smartwinders™

  • Slits and spools PSA  coated films & foams
  • Interchangeable  slitting assemblies for shear, score and razor
  • Finished spool 12″ wide x 15″ OD
  • Smartwinders™ software


  • Unwinding to a label maker
  • Driven Spool unwind with closed loop tension control for the traverse wound spool positions the lateral of motion spooled labels in a fixed straight line to the next process.

(2) 1 Position Computerized Smartwinders™ In A Single Frame For Scratch-Off Labels With Liner

  • This traverse winding system has programmable closed loop tension control necessary for the critical tension.2-drawer pancake unwind with driven nip/splitter station will break apart the “brick” and act as the speed reference for the Smartwinders.
  • System is designed with capability for future expansion of additional traverse winding position.

Computerized Traverse Label Respooler

  • Capable of traverse winding PSA tapes foams and labels from a previously wound spool.
  • Driven “S” wrap main speed reference
  • Rewind tension through IMC closed loop Dancer/Tension control

Slitting And Computerized Smartwinding System For Spooling PSA, Labels And Foam

  • Exclusive Interchangeable slitting assembly [Shear, Razor, Score or Die] to accommodate a wide range of material
  • Expandable Smartwinder™ modular spooling cubes.

24″ Slitter/Turret Rewind

  • For the label industry, this system has a die-cutting station, ladder take-up, slitter, and a semi-automatic cut and transfer duplex turret rewind.
  • Turret/rewind section is modular and can be split from the slitter to operate with another process.