IMC Machinery For PTFE & Other Cable Wrap Materials

Mica Tape… Aluminum Film… Laminates… Appical… Kapton Paper (Swellable Composite)

High Temperature 4 Roll PTFE Stretch System

  • The modular unwind accommodates 12″ wide x 24″ diameter supply rolls of PTFE film
  • The MDO section has two 16″ face width x 18″ diameter steel rolls with stainless steel overlay having and electric heating to 550° F. A second two roll section accommodates two 16″ wide x 18″ diameter steel rolls with stainless steel overlay. One roll provides sintering capability and is heated to maximum 780° F and one roll provides annealing capability and is heated to maximum 550° F. The modular rewind takes up the material as it exits from the chill roll.

Dual Calender System Inline With Extrusion Process To Ensure Thickness And Density Of PTFE

  • The dual station Calendering system is used inline with a PTFE extrusion process to 10″ wide to ensure both thickness and density. The Pre-Meter calender has 12″ diameter x 14″ face chrome plated steel rolls finished to 1 RMS. The pre metered material is fed to the Computerized Metering Calender. The 2-Roll Computerized Metering Calender has two (2) 16″ diameter by 14″ face heated rolls to 250°F with internal fluid path and provides automatic final product metering to +/-.0001″ thickness accuracy

15″ Wide Slitter & 24 Position Smartwinding Spooling System for PTFE

  •  The exclusive IMC interchangeable slitting assembly accommodates razor, score, rotary die and shear assemblies.
  • Slit widths as narrow as 1mm
  • Finished spool size 8″wide x 12″OD
  • Computerized winding patterns

Narrow Width Slitter With Die Station For PTFE Film

  • The 12″ wide slitter is modular and works inline with an existing process. The cantilevered unwind includes auto edge guiding and programmable constant tension. The exclusive IMC interchangeable slitting assembly accommodates razor, score, rotary die and shear assemblies.

Extremely High Temperature Sintering Rolls For The Stretch Process Of PTFE

  • The stainless steel electrically heated rolls to 750° have a 500mm diameter x 380mm face. A series of electrically controlled cartridge heaters inside the roll circumference provide the desired heating profile. Each roll is divided into 3 heating zones for accurate heat distribution within 1% of setpoint.

24″ Wide Inline Or Offline PTFE MDO (4) Roll Stretch Unit With Annealing, Sintering And Chill Roll Sections And Separate Unwind And Rewind Modules For Maximum 18″ Wide Low Density, 001″ – .020″ Thick PTFE Film.

  • All four heated rolls are 24″ face x 18″ diameter steel alloy with a 6 RMS finish. The entry MDO section has two heated rolls to 550º F and the sintering section has a sintering roll to 760ºF and an annealing roll to 550ºF. The MDO machine has a 5 drive AC flux vector drive system with a speed range to 100 FPM with a 10:1 stretch and .1% speed match accuracy. The 18″ diameter aluminum chill roll is driven from the annealing roll.

2 Roll Metering Calendar With Closed Loop Gap Adjustment For Meterig And Densifying PTFE In Line With Existing Manufacturing Process.

  • Unit includes 12″ diameter x 18″ face chrome plated steel rolls helically grooved internally for fluid heating, servo driven gap control, separating force capability to 42,000lbs, and modular 2 zone water circulating temperature control system.

15” wide slitting & 24 position Smartwinders™ Spooling system for Unsintered PTFE and Skived PTFE with heat seal splice