Slitter Rewinds

Proud Builders Of The “Non-Standard” Slitting Machine

We are known in the converting industry for our custom machinery. Even through we have built hundreds of slitter/rewinders over the years, we don’t boast about our line of standard slitters because, to us, nothing is truly standard.

Fortunately, our Clients seem to like that about us!

Most of our slitter/rewinder Clients need a special machine for special applications and materials. Often, their materials are also new to them. They come to IMC because their unique requirements are usually not satisfied by standard off-the shelf equipment.

Our goal is to match our expertise in slitting, winding and tension control with our Client’s expectations for the right machine. To achieve this, our engineering team works directly with each Client to understand their requirements before the design phase is complete.

While we pride ourselves on our custom machine design, we have been building slitters for over 40 years and have many existing designs that may closely match your needs. Please feel free to send us you requirements so we can evaluate your project.

We invite you to browse through the following photographs and brief descriptions which illustrate our capabilities.

42” Wide Slitter With Min Gap & Cantilever-Supported Duplex Rewind

  • Double supported unwind with auto edge guide, pneumatic lay on roll, programmable constant tension through load cell feedback, diameter measurement and end of roll & web break control
  • Entry & exit “S” wrap pull roll sections with adjustable “draw” control
  • Cantilever supported duplex rewind with 3” differential pneumatic shafts
  • Full width programmable min gap rolls at each rewind
  • Static dissipation assemblies at unwind & each rewind
  • Rewinds to 16” diameter
  • Auto roll strip off device at each rewind
  • Off load Gin Pole with rotary and vertical positioning

IMC 25” Slitter With Duplex Rewind For SOFT Grade Aluminum Foil

  • Specifically designed for precision slitting of metal materials
  • Double supported unwind for up to 25” wide x 30” OD x2000 lb. rolls
  • Interchangeable box knife shear slitting assembly with specialized stripper rings
  • Duplex rewind with differential center winding and adjustable
    minimum gap to 10” OD
  • Allen -Bradley Compact Logix PLC
  • AB Pendent Mounted Panel View+ Touchscreen
  • 4 AC Vector Drives

10” Wide Slitter Duplex Rewind For Pharmaceutical Grade Laminate Film

  • GMP Compliant with Stainless Steel Cladding
  • Auto Edge Guided Unwind for Max. 24″ Diameter Supply Roll & Programmable Constant Tension
  • Interchangeable Precision Dual Arbor Shear Slitting Assembly
  • Duplex Rewind with 3″ Radial Pneumatic Differential Rewinding &   Programmable Taper     Tension Control
  • Dual Position Edge Trim Winder
  • Interchangeable Builder Rolls to Ensure Slit Rewind Edge Registration
  • AB Compact Logix PLC
  • AB Panel View Touchscreen

Narrow Width Slitter With 3-Tier Rewind

  • For the medical diagnostic industry, this precision slitter is specifically designed for pharmaceutical grade film.
  • Cantilevered unwind
  • IMC exclusive interchangeable assemblies for shear, score or razor slitting
  • Entry and exit “S” wrap pull rolls
  • 3-zone tension isolation
  • Rewinds onto cores or dedicated reels
  • Rewind is capable of differential or center winding

1400mm Prepreg Zero Backbend Slitter with Duplex Rewind

250mm Wide Slitter With 4-Tier Rewind

  • Designed for clean room operation, this precision machine slits to 1.5mm and rewinds pancakes, reels, or full width rolls when used in suspect and “map” defects.
  • The unwind has programmable constant tension and a non-contact vacuum to remove particulate from both sides of the web
  • Slit accuracy to less than .0005″
  • Computerized laser scanning for web inspection and “mapping” for enhanced quality assurance
  • Data collection and recipe storage

10″ Wide Slitter With 4- Tier Rewind

  • This precision machine slits high quality films down to 1.5mm
  • Contilevered unwind, auto edge guiding & programmable contant tension
  • Rewind options include pancake, reel and full width winding
  • Non-contact vacuum web sleaner with static dissipation
  • Computerized non-contact laser guage provides inspection and wb “mapping” for enhanced quality control

12″ Inline Slitter

  • Narrow width slitter is modular and designed to work inline with an existing winding system
  • Cantilevered unwind with auto edge guiding
  • Special die station for folding and flattening
  • Pendent mounted Touchscreen for operation controls

64″ Slitter With Cantilever-Supported Duplex Rewind

  • Double supported unwind designed to accommodate 64″ wide x 36″ diameter supply roll of PSA coated film
  • Interchangeable slitting assembly (shown with pneumatic shear)
  • The cantilever-supported rewind differential air shafts can accommodate minimum 5” wide cores to 36” diameter
  • The duplex rewind has two (2) 3” cantilever-supported ”radially” loaded differential air shafts capable of both differential and locked core center winding.

72″ Wide Slitter With Zero Backbend

  • Designed for prepreg material with paper and or film/liners. This unit has zero backbend throughout the entire process to prevent delamination
  • Primary unwind has liner rewind ands multiple paths for web inspection
  • Two secondary unwinds accommodate paper or film used as a leader or to relaminate liner to the prepreg through the slitting process
  • The slitting section has dovetail mounted pneumatic actuated shear blades
  • Duplex rewind accommodates two rewind shafts for 3″ – 12″ ID cores double supported in safety chucks duplex rewind accommodates two rewind shafts for 3″ – 12″ ID cores double supported in safety chucks
  • Upper tier mezzanine with two full width machine crossovers accessed by steps with handrails.

62″ Slitter/Rewinder For Maximum Operating Flexibility

  • Designed for coated films, this slitter offers maximum operating flexibility with full-width web inspection, bi-directional operation and precise programmable tension
  • The driven, shaftless unwind has center-justifying capability for 28″-62″ supply rolls
  • An easily removable slitting cartridge simplifies frequent slit width changes
  • A motorized roll elevator assists supply roll loading and a gin pole off-loading assembly removes finished rolls at the cantilevered-supported duplex rewind
  • Individual, adjustable width pneumatic lay-on rolls provide rewind packing roll pressure
  • The rewind mandrels unlock from their supports for convenient unloading

Slitter/Rewinder With Inspection Capability & Zero Product Backbend

  • For unidirectional prepreg tape, the slitter is specifically designed for adhesive coated single or multi-ply advanced composites with/without a liner
  • The unique design processed the material without any “backbend” that may cause delamination
  • The machine has a lighted inspection/splice area, bi-directional operation, and laminating capability

Versatile 62″ Slitter/Rewinder For Tension Sensitive Applications

  • Center, Differential, Center/Surface, or Minimum Gap Rewinding make this slitter extremely versatile for different materials
  • Closed loop tension control
  • A full width operator platform with accces to the heat seal/splice area and slitting assembly simplifies operation
  • IMC exclusive interchangeable assemblies for shear, score or razor slitting
  • Machine mounted, adjustable position NEMA-12 control panel

1600mm Wide Slitter With Rewind & AutoCut And Transfer To 2.5 Meter Dia.

  • Specfically designed for light gauge nonwovens the slitter has auto cut and transfer for continuous operation
  • 2-Position unwind accomodates 2 meter diameter supply rolls
  • Operates inline with textruing process speed reference to 250 mpm
  • Pope – type minimum gap surface assist rewind
  • Automatic core shaft feeder loading system

78″ Slitter With Surface/Center & Compression Rewind

  • Specially designed for PE/PU Foam and Nonwovens, the rewind section compresses materials by up to 40% during center surface rewinding
  • The shaftless unwind has surface driven differential pressure control and closed loop tension feedback
  • The heat seal/splice and slitting assembly are both accessed from the full width operator platform
  • An adjustable driven bow roll separates the slit strands before rewinding
  • The cantilever-supported simplex rewind has adjustable rewind compression and unlocks from its support to pivot 90° for convenient unloading

Slitter With Diecutting & Duplex Turret Rewind

  • For the label industry, this system has a die-cutting station, ladder take-up, slitter, and a semi-automatic cut and transfer duplex turret rewind. The turret/rewind section is modular and can be split from the slitter to operate with another process
  • Double supported unwind with auto edge guiding, skew roll, and automatic tension control
  • IMC exclusive interchangeable assemblies for shear, score or razor slitting
  • Rotary diecutting station has interchangeable tooling
  • The turret rewind is capable of differential and centerwinding

Talk To Us About Our Slitting And Traverse Winding Systems

  • Traverse wound spools are an effective way to eliminate production and machine downtime caused by constant changeovers and splicing of conventional pads/pancakes.
  • Depending on material thickness and width, 10-20 miles of a continuous strand of material can be spooled on 1 core. That means downstream processes could run non-stop for an entire shift and in some cases, 2 shifts!!!