The Driven Spool Unwind

How To Unwind “The Perfect Spool” Perfectly…

The driven unwind with tension control for the TRAVERSE WOUND SPOOL positions the lateral motion of your spooled material in a fixed straight line for the next process

  • Eliminate Costly Downtime For Splices And Changeovers
  • Unique Web Path For Precise Web Positioning
  • Simple Interface Capability/Easily installed
  • AC Vector Follower Drive Non-Contact Diameter Measurement
  • Exclusive IMC Dancer/Tension Controller For Precise Adjustable Tension
  • Flexible … Accommodates A Variety Of Core & Spool Sizes
  • Low Cost

Spool-Mate Unwinding To A Label Maker – Positioned With Overhead Mounting (Optional)

Spool-Mate XL Unwinding To A Packaging Process

Spool-Mate  XL

  • For light gauge water blocking nonwoven material
  • Spool Width 1000mm (40 inches)
  • Spool  OD 1000mm (40 inches)

Spool-Mate  Unwinding to Printing Application

  • Festoon Dancer for Intermittent Operation
  • Lateral Positioning Assembly
  • Web Reversal Bracket Assembly