Traverse Winders

Traverse Winders / Spooling Equipment

Shaping The Future Of Computerized Spooling Utilizing IMC Smartwinders™ Software

Why splice every 10 minutes when you can splice once a day or less? Material spooled on computerized traverse winders can be as diverse as nonwovens, films, tear strips, extruded materials, composites, laminates, foams, PSA and even flexible metals. Traverse wound spools come in various shapes and sizes. Winding patterns include level, taper, reverse taper magnum and index.

  • Slit widths are from .032” to 8”.
  • Lengths can go from 25 feet to 25 miles.
  • A single wound spool can weigh up to 2000 lbs.

Click here to view various spool winding pattern renderings