Unwinds & Rewinds

Unwinds & Rewinds

We are a leader in developing converting support equipment and have styles and models to choose from that can be engineered to match your needs; all built with the same precision, performance and high quality that Independent is known for.

Our single & dual position unwinds and rewinds are available with centerwind, surfacewind, min gap, shaft & shaftless capabilities. The equipment is modular and can be supplied as single units or integrated with other converting processes such as:

  • Slitting
  • Calendering
  • Coating
  • Coating & Laminating
  • Extrusion
  • Pultrusion
  • Ovens & Dryers

We also supply turret unwinds and rewinds with and without accumulators for continuous operation.

Unwinds / Rewinds

4 Cantilevered Unwinds
(2 active, 2 waiting)For Foams and Non Wovens
(Inline with Ultra-sonic Pouch Maker)

Double Supported Unwind for Labelstock, Paper, etc.
(Inline and Slitter/Die Cutter/Duplex Turret Rewind)

2 Unwinds with Accumulator

Multi-Station Unwinds with Auto Splice and Accumulator for Continuous Operation

Unwind Rewind operating with 13″ Coater/Dryer with Tractor Feed Tenter System and Energy Heating /Drying System

Unwind/Rewind with Edge Trimming for Films, Papers, Foils, etc.

42″ Wide Turret Rewind with Auto Cross Cut & Transfer

  • Operates inline with a process
  • Programmable tension
  • Pneumatic razor cross cut
  • Vertical accumulator with 12 ft. storage

Inspection Rewinders & Roll Doctors

Roll Doctors

We provide Roll Doctors for smaller roll sizes and Roll Enhancers & Editors for high speed, large roll requirements. These units are available in cantilevered, double supported, and shaftless configurations.

Inspection Systems

We have visual and automated web inspection systems for most applications including dark room & clean room requirements.

Tape Deck Doctor rewinds defective or imperfect rolls to acceptable pancake rolls.

  • This compact table top Roll Doctor unit is easy to operate and accommodates a wide range of materials.

Large Diameter High Speed Roll Doctor With Splice shown with Roll Removal Cart.

Hi-Speed, Dual Direction Roll Enhancer for Roll Doctoring, Inspection and Editing of Printed Label and Form Stock

Shaftless Inspection Rewinder System for Tension Sensitive Films – Clean Room Environment

Shaftless Inspection Rewinder for Photo Sensitive Film – Darkroom Safelight and Clean Room Applications

Unwind/Slitter with computerized vision inspection

Turrets & Accumulators For Continuous Operation

2-Position Cantilevered Turret Rewind with Auto Cut & Transfer and Dancer/Accumulator – Narrow Widths

Double Supported Turret Rewind with Auto Cut & Transfer and Dancer/Accumulator – Wide Widths

Double Supported Turret Rewind with Auto Cut & Transfer for Wide Widths

Pneumatic Accumulator – 50 Ft. Storage(Inline with Extrusion and Spooling Process)

Turret Rewind works inline with a continuous process as the dancer/accumulator provides sufficient storage for the zero speed cut and transfer