ICE Contract Converting

Slitting & Traverse Winding (Spooling) Contract Converting Services

Contract Converting

Contract Converting From The World Leader In The Design And Manufacture of High Quality Slitting, Spooling and Traverse Winding Equipment


  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Laminates
  • Composites / Unilateral PrePreg
  • Paper, Films & Foils
  • Nonwovens

Winding PatternsComputerized Spooling:

  • Level Winding
  • Taper Winding
  • Reverse Taper Wind
  • Mag Pak
  • Index Wind
  • Flanges or Cores

Presicion/Tight Tolerance:


  • Extremely Precise Tension Control
  • Accurate Slit Widths
  • Shear, Razor or Score Slitting Method
  • Controlled Room Environment
  • Zero Back Bend
  • Interleaf Capabilities
  • Competitive Pricing

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Choose from a wide range of converting services tailored to your particular requirements in slitting and computerized spool winding techniques in level wind, taper wind and index wind processes. You benefit from less overhead and material waste and increased productivity. Spare your company the high investment and maintenance of sophisticated converting machines, leave it to ICE.

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