Slitting Heads

Slitting HeadsInterchangeable Slitting Heads

Don’t be locked into one or two slitting methods!

The IMC interchangeable slitter assembly provides versatility for current and future converting requirements. Our interchangeable slitting assemblies can also supplied as modular units to work inline with already existing process.

Basic Slitting Methods

There are 5 basic techniques that are used to slit most flexible materials: shear, razor, score, rotary die & hot knife. Because each has its pros and cons there is no single method that can be universally used for the wide range of applications most converting operations encounter. For this very reason, IMC offers the exclusive ”interchangeable” slitting assemblies with most slitting machinery. The interchangeable assembly enables our converting equipment to have the flexibility necessary for the challenges of current and future requirements. Speak with our application engineers to determine which methods are best suited to your needs.

Dual Arbor Shear Blade Spacer TypeDual Arbor Shear – Blade Spacer Type

Excellent slit quality for narrow widths.

Digital readout for thrust and vertical penetration.  Shown with tooling for 1.5mm & 3.0mm widths simultaneously

Digital readout for thrust and vertical penetration. Shown with tooling for 1.5mm & 3.0mm widths simultaneously

Dual Arbor Shear - Eccentric LockDual Arbor Shear – Eccentric Lock

Easily adjustable slit width .375″ & wider.

Box Knife ShearBox Knife Shear

Best shear method for thick and/or inflexible materials

Die CutDie Cut

Dedicated slit width for precision application

Pneumatic Shear for Wide Width Slitter

The top shear arbor is vertically adjustable for blade diameter changes and has side load thrust adjustment.

Click here to view the 64″ Slitter With Cantilever-Supported Duplex Rewind

Pneumatic ShearPneumatic Shear

Micro adjustable, dovetail mounted shear assembly with shaft mounted rotary blades


Comb bar or precision spacers utilizes standard safety blades for comb bar assembly or precision                       spacers for accurate blade positioning.

Reciprocating RazorReciprocating Razor

Standard razor assembly with motorized reciprocating action to enhance blade life


Dovetail mounted pneumatic score blade for “crush” cut

Rotary Hot Knife SlitterHot Knife Slitter

Each with spring loaded back up for edge sealing

Hot Knife DovetailHot Knife Dovetail Mounted static- Knives to 600° C

For edge sealing of woven material at speeds to 500FPM

Dual Arbor Shear with Portable Cart AssemblyDual Arbor Shear with Portable Cart Assembly

For load/unload interchangeable slitting assembly

IMC also offers shear knife sharpening and rotary blade refinishing services

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