Spool-Mate the Driven Spool Unwind

How to Unwind “The Perfect Spool” perfectly…

  • The driven unwind with tension control for the TRAVERSE WOUND SPOOL positions the lateral motion of your spooled material in a fixed straight line for the next process
  • Eliminate Costly Downtime For Splices And Changeovers
  • Unique Web Path For Precise Web Positioning
  • Simple Interface Capability/Easily installed
  • AC Vector Follower Drive Non-Contact Diameter Measurement
  • Exclusive IMC Dancer/Tension Controller For Precise Adjustable Tension
  • Flexible … Accommodates A Variety Of Core & Spool Sizes
  • Low Cost

spoolmateSpool-Mate unwinding to a label maker – positioned with overhead mounting (optional)

spool mate unwind

Spool-Mate unwinding to a packaging process

Spoolmate unwind for printing

Spool-Mate unwinding to printing application


Spool-Mate Festoon Dancer for intermittent operations

Lateral Positioning Assembly

Web Reverse Bracket Assembly